At her core Vanisha Patel is an artist. Starting out by painting at a young age, Vanisha fell in love with the creative process. She graduated from University for the Creative Arts with a degree in Arts & Media (BA Hons) in June 2015. During this time she explored contemporary art, photography and filmmaking where she discovered her passion. Vanisha's creative practice entails time based media, painting and photography. Her work explores cultural identity, religion, politics and appropriation, often drawing on elements from her personal life.



She most recently had her work A New Generation shown in Futurity at the James Hockey Gallery, Farnham; Hypocrisy of our Beliefs at The Elaine Thomas Gallery, Farnham and at the Hotel Elephant Gallery, London, June 2015. 









Solo Exhibitions



Hypocrisy of our Beliefs, Elaine Thomas Gallery, Farnham




Group Exhibitions 



Art in Mind, The Brick Lane Gallery, London



V&A Staff Art Show, Victoria and Albert Museum, London



UCA Graduates Film Screening, The James Hockey Gallery, Farnham

SUDA, Hotel Elephant Gallery, London

Futurity, The James Hockey Gallery, Farnham



Seeing II, Linear Gallery, Farnham

10C2D, The James Hockey Gallery, Farnham

Traditional Hybrid, 17 St George's Road, Aldershot




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